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DAL 11/03/2016 AL 30/10/2016 Sardinia is a region characterized by a strong tradition and identity. This exhibition shows some

AJO’ CA GIOGAUSU – Exhibition of Sardinian Folk Games and Toys

DAL 18/12/2015 AL 31/01/2016 From the 18th December 2015 to the 31st January 2016 at the Centre for Communication and Promotion o

Giovanni Lilliu – Stratigraphies of a life

DAL 23/09/2015 AL 23/09/2016 The exhibition “Giovanni Lilliu – Stratigrafie di una vita” (Giovanni Lilliu – Stratigraph

ANCIENT ROME AND MARMILLA – War and Construction Machines

DAL 23/09/2015 AL 23/06/2015 The exhibition “ANCIENT ROME AND MARMILLA War and Construction Machines“ is produced by NICCOLAI

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