Centre Giovanni Lilliu

The Centre of Cultural Heritage Communication and Promotion Giovanni Lilliu is a modern impressive structure realized to improve cultural services and tourism in the area. A place that will study and implement systems and intervetion strategies aimed at the dissemination of knowledge and signs left by man in these lands. A place where the growing demand for services, professionalism, quality, can be met as well as operators preparation and competence with the availability of suitable space, large, calculated, which can accommodate 100,000 visitors who each year choose to visit our area. A center combining scientific information and promotion, cognitive insights concerning so many themes that constitute our heritage and the pleasure of the comparison with a magazine to leaf through while enjoying a glass of wine. A great introduction unit to the Marmilla, to its archeology, history, natural landscape, to the proliferation of knowledge, to the many facets of a unique land with many resources that can finally be presented together in a single scenario.

An important and highly significant work, which could only be dedicated to Giovanni Lilliu, favorite son of this land, one of fathers of contemporary Sardinia. And that is how the community wishes to demonstrate to the student, the man, the fellow countryman, all of the gratitude and the thankfulness for what he has done for the growth and development of this land.

The center is the home of several interesting and permanent exhibitions:

  • Photographic exhibition of excavations in Su Nuraxi, dedicated to the authors of the discovery, and telling the epic undertaking through 12 panels on which are printed the most beautiful photographs taken by the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu during excavations conducted by him in the ‘40 and ‘50;

  • Photographic exhibition of Su Nuraxi, 12 gigantic pictures of the archaeological zone which constitute a solo show of the photographer Gianni Alvito, a specialist in aerial photography, deserved tribute to the great nuraghe;

  • Ideal reconstruction of Su Nuraxi, as it used to be in the XIV century BC when the quadrilobate bastion was built. The model in 1:10 scale has been realized by Francesco Argiolu;

  • “Artigianarte”, artistic craftsmanship exhibition of Sardinia realized with the participation of goldsmiths, potters, tailors, cutlers, workers of wood, leather, iron, cork;

  • Photographic exhibition “Points of View”, consisting of images coupled on the topic Sardinia-Iran taken by the photographer Ivo Pirisi;

As well as varied and interesting temporary exhibitions concerning archaeological, historical, artistic, natural and demoethnoanthropological topics.

The structure also offers the following services:

  • Reception, information and internet point

  • Library and reading room

  • Classrooms for educational workshops

  • Conference room equipped for 300 seats

  • Coffee Bar

  • Large court for outdoor events

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