GREEN PASS to visit Su Nuraxi, Casa Zapata and Centre Giovanni Lilliu


We inform the public that in compliance with the recent D.L. 105 July 23, 2021, from August 6, 2021 at the Su Nuraxi archaeological area, Casa Zapata Museum and the CentreĀ  Giovanni Lilliu, before the ticket office operations each visitor will be required to show the Green pass whose validity will be verified by applying by the staff in charge. In the case of foreign visitors coming from countries in which the issue of the Green pass is not envisaged, they must in any case present to the staff an equivalent certification attesting to possession of the same requisites envisaged in the COVID-19 green certification, that is:

  • have had the anti COVID-19 vaccination (in Italy it is issued both at the first dose and at the completion of the vaccination cycle)

  • be negative on the rapid molecular or antigen test within the past 48 hours

  • be cured of COVID-19 in the past six months.

The above provisions do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification.

The same rules will apply for consumption at the tables inside the Su Nuraxi Bar, adjacent to the Su Nuraxi archaeological area.

While staying on our sites, in the reception areas, in the points of sale and during guided tours, it is still mandatory to wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth and to maintain an interpersonal distance of over 1 meter, avoiding gatherings.

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