GEP 2022 – Free visits to the exhibitions of the Centre Giovanni Lilliu on the 24th September 2022


On the occasion of the European Heritage Days (GEP), Saturday 24 September 2022 from 14.00 to 19.30 it will be possible to visit for free all the exhibitions present in the Centre Giovanni Lilliu and specifically:

  • "GIOVANNI LILLIU. Stratigrafie di una vita" (i.e. GIOVANNI LILLIU. Stratigraphies of a life), a journey through the Sardus Pater'S life and works.

  • "AL DI LA' DEL MARE. Etruria e Sardegna in mille anni di storia" (i.e. BEYOND THE SEA. Etruria and Sardinia in a thousand years of history), a rich exhibition of over 100 finds from the island and from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, from the Etruscan Museum "Villa Giulia" in Rome, from the Capitoline Museums of Rome and the Archaeological Museum of Florence, which retrace and compare the Etruscan presence in Sardinia and in the rest of Italy.

  • "THESAURUS. Il patrimonio usurpato." (i.e. THESAURUS. The usurped heritage), a unique and particular exhibition of the assets recovered by the Carabinieri Nucleus for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Cagliari, which has made it possible to return finds of extraordinary value to the communities to which they belong.

  • "NUHAR 3D", a dive into the past to discover Su Nuraxi 'e Cresia, treasure kept inside the "Casa Zapata" Museum, and numerous archaeological finds found in Barumini of which you can discover new details and admire new perspectives through new technologies.


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