The BARUMINI SISTEMA CULTURA FOUNDATION was founded in December 2006 with the clear intention to make a change to the management of cultural heritage in the territory of Barumini. Particularly, the inclusion in 1997 of “Su Nuraxi archaeological zone in the UNESCO World Heritage Lists has led a considerable growth in demand for culture and tourism in the area, requiring high standards of service quality. This fact needed a complete overhaul of management taking into account the use of cultural heritage and potential economic growth related to the heritage development, requiring the identification of a new management model capable of overcoming the low efficiency and cost-effectiveness instruments so far adopted.
For all these reasons, the Municipality of Barumini entrusted to the Barumini Sistema Cultura Foundation the managing of the entire network of cultural heritage in the territory of Barumini. This is a private entity without a profit, which has statutory and management autonomy and over time has proved an evolved and rational model of cultural heritage management, considered by many as an example to follow, as it becomes the Sardinian most important company founded on cultural tourism.
To achieve the institutional purpose, besides ensuring guided tours, ticketing service and maintenance and storage of structures, the Foundation deals with the creation and activation of exhibitions, conferences, educational and scientific workshops and other events designed to enhance the culture and heritage. It ensures the management of “Su Nuraxi” Archaeological Zone, “Casa Zapata” Museum and “Centre of Cultural Heritage Communication and Promotion Giovanni Lilliu”, using more than 50 employees, who have various professional backgrounds: archaeologists, historians, architects, museum operators, tour guides, maintenance workers, guardians and staff for additional services. They give the best quality of services rendered, thanks to their constant training and expertise achieved through annual courses concerning acceptance, communication, museum education, science and foreign languages.

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