Su Nuraxi tours restart from the 30 september 2020


Given the early conclusion of the surveys necessary for the continuation of the enhancement works of Su Nuraxi Archaeological Area, which led to the temporary suspension of visits to the site, we inform you that from tomorrow 30 September 2020 the area will be reopened to the public.

We remind you that until the completion of the works, the visit will continue to be partial (village and rampart) and will stop on the highest parts of the prehistoric monument just before entering the bastion (whose interior is still affected by the works in progress). This will allow visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view of the village and the surrounding area.

To complete the visit to the Unesco monument, we remind you that Su Nuraxi 'e Cresia and Casa Zapata Museum as well as the Centre Giovanni Lilliu are open with an all day opening.

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