Raffaello’s unedited display in Barumini from 8 August to 31 December 2020



For the first time in Barumini, the unique works of Raphael on an unpublished exhibition from August 8 to December 31 at the Centre "Giovanni Lilliu".

Barumini, 23 July 2020. Signs, images, projections, contents and visual suggestions that immerse the imagination of the famous artist Raffaello by extracting some essential aspects, difficult to disclose through traditional ways.
It is the heart of the multimedia exhibition: "Raffaello _Princeps_ Images and Imaginary by Raffaello Sanzio", which opens on Saturday 8 August in Barumini. The exhibition, organized and strongly desired by the Fondazione Barumini Sistema Cultura, will be set up until 31 December at the Centre "G. Lilliu" and is part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the painter's death Raffaello Sanzio.
Despite the moment of serious difficulty, the Foundation and the municipality of Barumini, in collaboration with the National Galleries of the Marche Palazzo Ducale, the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari and the Archive of Corporate Cinema (Ivrea) - Experimental Center of cinematography, wanted to keep their cultural offer alive with an important effort that wants to make available to tourists, Sardinians but above all to all the students of Sardinia, an event made of contents and technologies for educational study.

LILLIU AND BISACCIA. "The meeting and collaboration between institutions, in synergy with the associations that gravitate around the world of Raphael, has made it possible to obtain important results - says the mayor of Barumini and president of the Foundation, Emanuele Lilliu - a particular season whose fragility new challenges can arise, like ours. We wanted to pay homage to Raphael through innovative methods that put our visitors in total safety, without losing the emotion that the genius of Renaissance art wanted to convey to us, in which space and time, eternal dimensions of the soul, are they manifest in the works created by the artist".
"The beautiful initiative in which we participated thanks to the involvement of the municipal administration of Barumini and the Foundation, is an event that fits fully into the choice of the Academy of Fine Arts" Mario Sironi "in Sassari to be present directly in the very rich territory of Sardinia - says Antonio Bisaccia, director of the academy - the topic interests us particularly because precisely in those centuries the birth of the Academies and its articulation with respect to the disciplines closest to it are at stake. For teaching staff and students it is a further opportunity for dialogue with the island's territorial culture represented by a place of exceptional cultural liveliness and value, home to an archaeological excellence and Unesco site such as the Su Nuraxi complex, which has been able to naturalness to interface with the great national artistic themes".

THE EXHIBITION. The exhibition directed by Sebastiano Deva, with the scientific advice of Monica Alderotti, is a journey through the artist's works reproduced on a 1: 1 scale with cutting-edge technologies. A path that opens onto a real square of 100 square meters where the spectator is immersed in the most arcane signs of Raphael's pictorial work and his biographical events. Among the rooms it is possible to admire the works: San Sebastiano, Visione di Ezechiele, portrait of Agnolo Doni, La Fornarina. In digital version: La Muta, courtesy of the National Gallery of the Marche, Palazzo Ducale in Urbino. In the spaces of the Centro Lilliu the path continues with the environmental installation by the Academy of Fine Arts of Sassari. An environment dedicated to the composition and reconstruction of what the study of a 16th century artist could have been. The emotional journey is also punctuated by immersive videos and interactive experiences, always in the sign of in-depth teaching on the most important themes concerning the work of the great artist, but in total safety for the anti-Covid-19 regulations in force.

SHOW INFO. The cost of the ticket is € 7.00. By purchasing the ticket to visit the archaeological area of ​​'Su Nuraxi' and the Museum Complex of Casa Zapata, the entrance to the exhibition will be free. Admission is free, however, for children up to 6 years, disabled visitors and companion. The exhibition can be visited every day of the week.


For info and reservations:
Centre "Giovanni Lilliu"  Tel. +39 070 9361041
Archaeological Area "Su Nuraxi"  Tel. +39 070 9368128

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