“Civiltà Invisibili” by Antonello Serra on display in Barumini


The Fondazione Barumini Sistema Cultura, the Municipality of Barumini and the artist Antonello Serra present the exhibition "CIVILTA' INVISIBILI" (Invisible Civilizations).

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on September 26th at 7.00 pm with the critical presentation by Giorgio Pellegrini and the projection of the 3D video created for the occasion by the artist Stefano Benedetti, will be open to visitors at the archaeological section of the Casa Zapata Museum up to December 31, 2020.

A journey into the symbolic universe of the artist Antonello Serra and into the archaic history of his homeland, Sardinia. Oil paintings and mixed media on canvas or paper placed along the museum route between the remains of the "Nuraxi 'e Cresia" nuraghe. Works that speak with the signs and traces left by those mysterious peoples and that the artist brings to the contemporary world.

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